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Closed until further notice

In light of the recent developments with the COVID-19 outbreak, Registered Massage Therapists have been recommended to

"Suspend All Non-Essential Massage Therapy Treatment " CMTO.

At this time, all currently scheduled appointments with me are cancelled.

I will freeze my online booking calendar until further notice, allowing booked clients to get rescheduled before anyone else. 

Please stay safe and healthy and do your part to flatten the curve.

What is the curve?

The "curve" researchers are talking about refers to the projected number of people who will contract COVID-19 over a period of time. (To be clear, this is not a hard prediction of how many people will definitely be infected, but a theoretical number that's used to model the virus' spread.)

The curve takes on different shapes, depending on the virus's infection rate. It could be a steep curve, in which the virus spreads exponentially (that is, case counts keep doubling at a consistent rate), and the total number of cases skyrockets to its peak within a few weeks. Infection curves with a steep rise also have a steep fall; after the virus infects pretty much everyone who can be infected, case numbers begin to drop exponentially, too. 

The faster the infection curve rises, the quicker the local health care system gets overloaded beyond its capacity to treat people. As we're seeing in Italy, more and more new patients may be forced to go without ICU beds, and more and more hospitals may run out of the basic supplies they need to respond to the outbreak. 

A flatter curve, on the other hand, assumes the same number of people ultimately get infected, but over a longer period of time. A slower infection rate means a less stressed health care system, fewer hospital visits on any given day and fewer sick people being turned away. 

How to Flatten the curve

1. wash hands frequently ( with alcohol based sanitizer or soap and water)

2. maintain social distancing ( one meter or 3 feet from other people)

3. avoid touching eyes, [Image result for sick person] nose and mouth ( reduced transfer of the virus to the body)

4. practice respiratory hygiene ( use tissue or the inside of your elbow when sneezing )

5. stay informed with proper health care professionals ( not your sisters, dog walkers friend )

6. seek medical attention if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing